Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

FollowFollow Your Heart, by Emily Hussey.

Published by Winsome Books, 2019.
ISBN: 9780648297222
Categories: .
Weight: 225 gms

Availability:  eBook available from Amazon .

Print books in  Australia are available $22 posted.

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Melissa was furious… Chris shouldn’t be there.

Her carefully setup scenario collapsed faster than the horse which threw her and he was to blame.

Preferring life through the lens of her camera, Melissa keeps reality at bay. Trust and commitment are not concepts she embraces. It was a surprise when Chris found a place in her life, and perhaps her heart.

It’s a case of yen and yang attract, luring them both out of their comfort zone, but how much should one person tolerate? Some people know when to cut their losses.

In a journey taking Melissa from a remote Australian station, to the high fashion world of Sydney and beyond, she comes to realize there are choices to make in who she lets into her life, and who she loves.

This heartwarming story shows what happens when opposites attract.

Commitment is not a four-letter word… but who wants to live with regret?

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