Secrets at Sandy Bay

Property Manager Maddie’s heart sinks when she realises that she has given Alex Isherwood the wrong keys to his rental cottage. It’s already dark and the weather is foul and promising to get worse. There’s no other option – she has to drive out to Seaspray Cottage and sort out this mess.

Give him the keys – that was all she had to do.  So how was it that an hour later, she was sitting in front of an open fire, minus her own clothes, and sharing a meal with a man who didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer? The tempest outside was nothing to the storm that was stirred up inside the cottage.

With a shared history in the town, they had a few things in common, but didn’t know how much. It’s amazing how tightly held some secrets can be, even in a small town where everyone knows everything. 

Maddie’s world disintegrates as the secrets of her past are revealed.

Sandy Bay2Short Read: 50 Pages

Published by Winsome Books, 2018.

Categories: Contemporary, Romance

Availability:  eBook available from  Amazon

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