Being fascinated with books as a child, I escaped whenever I could into the world of fiction.  It seemed a natural progression to write stories as well and so I have progressed through poetry, short stories and now the first novel in a series.  The novel was a long time coming, having been started in the late 80s and then put aside in a drawer until recently.

The Red Heart was first published by Steam e-Reads. It has been revised and expanded, and is now republished under my own imprint, Winsome Books. It was followed by Trust Your Heart late 2018. The third book in the Red Centre series will be released mid-2019, plus other stand-alone books in the romance genre.

Next year, I will turn my attention to other unfinished manuscripts (contemporary novels).   I am a mixture of a plotter and a pantser, meaning that I need to have some idea where my characters and story are going but don’t altogether know how they will get there.  It’s a journey that the characters and I take together.

Writing time is a scarce resource, as I have a 9-5 job in the property sector, working for the Victorian Government. Mine has always been a two-person family, comprising my son and myself.  That young man has left home and as well as the state, so ours is now a long distance relationship.  In theory, that now gives me more time for writing.

I was a Marriage Celebrant for over 20 years, and that has given me the opportunity to observe relationships and their development from a very unique perspective.  Romance has been a big part of my life therefore for many years.  


Women and Planning: Processes and Outcomes’, 1994, Thesis, Master of Planning

From This Day Forward’ First Edition 2003, Winsome Books, Adelaide

Naming Ceremonies’ First Edition 2004, Winsome Books, Adelaide

Rory Harris, an exergetical study on the poet jointly written with Megan Boyd published in Heart of the Matter: an introduction to Eighteen South Australian Poets, 2004.  Lythrium Press, Adelaide.

Stella’, 2005, Published in The House That Words Built, Lythrium Press, Adelaide

The Red Heart‘, 2014, Eside Media Pty Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia

The Red Heart, 2018, Winsome Books, Adelaide, South Australia

Trust Your Heart, 2018, Winsome Books, Adelaide, South Australia


Highly Commended RWA Little Gems short story competition, 2016
Highly Commended Stringy Bark short story competition, 2017
Highly Commended Scarlet Stiletto short story competition, 2018
Highly Commended Stringy Bark erotic story competition, 2019

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