Clear As A Bell

No excuses, no regrets – that was her credo but sometimes you can push your luck too far.

Clear As A Bell
by Emily Hussey.

Published by Winsome Books, 2019.

Categories: Contemporary, Romance

Availability:  eBook available from  Amazon .

A mixture of sass, technical know-how and steely determination swung the IT contract Miranda’s way. Now all she had to do was deliver. The connection with Hugh Paterson was an unexpected bonus—until it wasn’t.

Working in close proximity was unavoidable, and Miranda was surprised to discover the creative side of his personality. Not quite as surprised as discovering the hot body and passion beneath that business suit. It was a lust equally matched by hers.

Then the universe conspired against her. The mysterious break-in, the system hack, the shock allegations – it was enough to make a grown woman cry. Except she didn’t. Miranda came out fighting.

She didn’t expect Hugh to abandon her when it was all over. Christmas had never looked so bleak.

You’ll love the twist the Universe delivers. Download it to find out more.

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