Trust Your Heart

Trust Your Heart

Trust Your Heart
by Emily Hussey.

Published by Winsome Books, 2018.
ISBN: 9780648297215
Categories: ContemporaryRural.

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Secrecy gives rise to more problems than it hides.

With her own brand of humour and irreverence, Sarah dances through the lives of more than one man in Alice Springs.

When a wedding reception is in wind-down mode, she wraps up an evening of champagne-fuelled revelry by dancing on the table. Falling off into the arms of a new acquaintance has unintended consequences. Sarah believes that for her, relationships are a dangerous thing. When her fiancé died, wasn’t that the ultimate betrayal? Happiness is not to be trusted, and the enigmatic stranger puts that theory to the test.

Joel Pemberton has arrived in town as the new radio station manager. This fascinating man stirs the emotions, but is tight-lipped about his private life. It causes some to question what he’s concealing. Can Sarah whip him into shape, as she does a team of other men in her life?

As their attraction to each other evolves, Sarah is increasingly perturbed about his secretive behaviour. What is Joel hiding? She might not have the opportunity to find out. When Joel’s car is trapped by floodwaters,Sarah and those watching helplessly from the riverbank know he has little chance of survival.

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